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to St. Luke's Episcopal Church, located on the corner of 3rd
and Washington Streets in Historic Cannelton, Indiana.
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Our Church is the oldest building in town, erected in about 1845 by members of the Unitarian Church on a lot donated by the American Cannel Coal Company who intended its use to be for Christian Worship

Through the years it has served as a place of worship, of enrichment of the arts, of gatherings, and more for the the Unitarian, the Episcopal, the Catholic, and the Methodist Religions as well as a meeting place for anyone in need of such.

Situated in Cannelton's historic district, the church stands amidst the other historic structures that line Washington Street.  A stone retaining wall around the lot on which the church stands appears to match those of the Cotton Mill building across the street.  According to Cotton Mill history, these stones were cut out of the hill above the town, then carried to their final resting places on tram carts and track that was constructed along the street for this purpose.  The Cotton Mill is another of Cannelton's pre-Civil War buildings preserved  and used for today's needs.   It has been sectioned off into efficiency apartments to serve those of low income in need of homes.

These buildings, among others in town, weathered and  survived massive floods in both 1913 and 1937 and are now protected from such disasters by the floodwall erected by the Army Corps of Engineers along the banks of the nearby Ohio River.


Note St. Luke's stone retaining wall in the foreground,
the Cotton Mill in the background

For a more complete History of our Church and the people who have (and do) frequently venture beyond the red double doors to worship, please view other pages on our website.  Here we offer you the history, and dreams of the future held in the hearts of the Episcopalians that worship within these walls.  It is our dream that this historic building will still be a place of worship for generations to come. 

To request a free pamphlet outlining  the St. Luke's  history, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to St. Luke's Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 7, Cannelton, IN 47520. We are currently facing a financial crunch as our small congregation struggles to raise funds for a new roof and to repair some foundation problems.  If you wish to send a donation to "St. Luke's Repair Fund" along with your request for a free pamphlet, a receipt will be sent to you along with our thanks.

Please join us for Worship Service in our historic old church.  We try to have Mass or Morning Prayer every Sunday Morning at 10:30 AM.  Within these walls you may find what we have -- and as we do, you might walk through that doorway into the sunshine at the end of service and feel oh so glad that you've been there.

Please feel free to write us at:

e-mail St. Luke's at: webmaster@stlukes.indydio.org

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